Typical Family SUV

From early pediatric health care to preschool as “little kids” and from the typical family SUV to actual sports as “big kids” and beyond, quite literally everything we do in this life is for our kids. Even committed single working adults unknowingly “work for” someone else’s kids, since somewhere and in some way, a child is being supported by whatever it is anyone does to make money in this world. This is the actual basis of charity and goodness in all people.

SUV drivers without kids may be actual “sport” utility vehicle owners (like they actually use the vehicle to carry bags of balls or other fun stuff), but the typical family SUV is most likely used ONLY for moving kids to and from activities. Some who either don’t have the luxury of owning a second vehicle may also drive their “kid moving” SUV to and from work, but the purchase decision to own an SUV occurs primarily when there are or soon will be kids in the picture—and in the back seat

When a new SUV comes into the picture, parents find the true meaning of “a moving experience” with groups of 3 or more kids pile in on a playdate. Distracted driving can also take on an entirely new level of meaning here. The back seat of that new SUV will quickly start to double as a very of messy flop house apartment on wheels for the kids if parents don’t set boundaries effectively. Bringing kids into the cleanup process, while not necessarily efficient, will help them to learn responsibility. It can be fun, too!

No need for a family SUV trip tonight for The Murrays who certainly embody all things “for our kids” (and they publish it on YouTube). Here, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, they set up an outdoor movie theater for their kids (since “going out” to the movies was not an option).