We could spend way too much time guessing the many other possible meanings here, but CHEL is likely the first name of the owner. yes, it looks like we have a case of actual vanity, right here on a DC vanity plate! According to Names.org, CHEL means “rainbow” and is of Aztec origin. But all the other name sites agree it’s Old English and based on Chelsea, which means chalk landing place. There are also people who shorten Michelle to “Chel” and certainly any variation of Shelly could also do the same.

Searching Google and other places online for “Chel” (which is not noted on Names of the Philippines), I noticed a prevalence of Filipinos nickname “Chel” which is also likely short for Chelsea or Michelle with at least one one notable exception. I’m somewhat immersed in the Filipino community myself and have stayed in Cebu and visited some nearby islands a couple of times. There were indeed many “Chels” on those trips! I never asked what Chel was short for, but it’s on my list for next time!

Hockey? I’m not a fan and although I’ve been to Canada a few times (and even drove 12 hours from Ontario to Maine the St. Lawrence once), I am not familiar with ANY slang from our northern neighbors. I think the Hockey reference (below) may be from gamers, not hardcore hockey fans, but whatever. Oh yeah… sorry!

redditors report that “CHEL” is Canadian hockey…

“it’s the sound you make between the H and L”

(so doubtful on that)

Chel Loves Wine is a wine influencer. Her “Chel” is for Chelsie, so atypical on that alternate spelling…but the same shortened name as many others named Chel. If you’re a wine person, check her out!

Cumbia Hasta El Lunes (CHEL) is also a thing. The copyright on their web site is 2017 though. So maybe not.

Of course, the owner of these DC vanity plates might just be referring to The Road of Chel’s Seduction!