Lover of Getting Stuff Done, German Shepherd Dogs or maybe… Glycogen Storage Disease of the liver?

When I spied these vanity plates, my initial but quickly dismissed flit of thought was “maybe the GSD part is meant to stand for getting stuff done” because I was in that rare place (for me, anyway) where I was happily doing stuff and glad about it. But searching for that pharase on Google and other popular web sites, the more common cult like phrase for those rare folks who are less lazy (or better disciplined) than most of us is Getting Things Done (GTD), which became wildly popular when Merlin Mann told the cool kids over at Google all about it…

Although a large percentage of vanity plates proclaim the owner’s love of a pet or even a particular breed of animal, I saw no sign of a dog as I approached the property! Of course, the driver could actually BE a German Shepherd Dog Lover and not actually OWN a German Shepherd or the vehicle I saw may have just been a visitor. For all I know, the driver may have been inside VISITING the homeowner WITH their loving companion! Who doesn’t LOVE a visit from a friendly dog and their human?

Even though Getting Things Done is amazing and German Shepherds are awesome, I’m thinking these Maryland Vanity Plates may be trying to tell passersby about Glycogen Storage Disease. Before finding the prevalence of this result when I began searching GSD on Google and elsewhere, I had never even heard of GSD. In fact, I assumed it was a form of diabetes when I began reading about it on Wikipedia. Although it often coincides with the number one cause of kidney failure, GSD (also known as Andersen Disease) is a rare disorder which is usually seen in infants. So the driver may be a doctor or researcher.