Virginia has a Parrotheads affinity plate. This once is an ode to Margaritaville, reminding us all we need a Holiday…

You’re caught in the Internet
You think it’s such a great asset
You’re wrong , wrong, wrong
All that fiber optic gear
Still cannot take away the fear
Like and island song

Jimmy Buffett

I took a vacation to Key West, FL when I was 19-20 or so (it’s all a blur…pretty sure it was 1987). I planned the trip with another person, but she ghosted me (story of my life at that age), so I found myself walking the 13 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean to The Gulf of Mexico over and over again for two weeks. During one of those walks, as I took a step past the edge of Margaritaville (the actual restaurant then owned by Jimmy Buffett) onto the sidewalk that continues to cross the alley, a black BMW was coming to a stop to leave the alley (which presumably comes from the spaces where people who work in the back of the house or the office park their vehicles). I’m usually one of those “I’m a pedestrian” fast walking types that continues walking when a car is supposed to stop (which he did), but I felt an unusual sense of presence from the driver—plus I was SO tired of walking—so I stopped. It was at that moment that i simultaneously realized I had just passed by the restaurant and that I was starting at Jimmy Buffett. And then he was gone. I mean, he was just leaving the place and clearly not in awe as I suddenly was, so I understood why he just completed his turn out onto the street to drive off. It may have been the highlight of my week though!

I was tempted to step inside and grab a bite, but I was on a mission to break in the brand new Birkenstock sandals I had purchased the day I arrived. I know, not the best choice for walking 5-10 miles a day, but in my limited experience, they seemed to be the correct footwear (and fashion) for exploring Key West alone!