I could be wrong, but I very seriously doubt Bob Pittman drives a Honda Accord EX. I mean, it’s a GOOD car, right? I’ve been driving a 2016 lately and. other than the color (blue) I really like it! I don’t think Bob resides in Maryland either, so I’m almost certain I did not walk past his car here, but seeing this MAGIC vanity plate in a local parking lot immediately made me think of his phenomenal podcast, Math & Magic Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing. I love to listen to the show every week for the exclusive interviews with practical insight and experience you just won’t find elsewhere. If you like business and marketing podcasts, get this one in your ears!

Of course this MAGIC vanity plate would be the perfect vanity plate for some local magician who I just happened to catch before or after performing for a bunch of children somewhere out in Suburban Maryland. But would a magician advertise so plainly for all to see?

Then, of course, there’s Magic The Gathering. Wizards, etc. Not my thing. At all. But this could certainly be the motivation for someone to register a MAGIC vanity plate. Food for thought.

If not a magician, the driver could have been inspired by any one of these “magic” songs:

“Magic” could be a clever one word summary of someone’s life story that none of us will ever know or maybe something stellar like The Magic of Thinking Big! Or maybe the owner of these Maryland vanity plates got super motivated after watching Sovereign Citizen’s Magic License Plate